Si un jour la vie t’arrache à moi

If there is a day, that life separates you and me

Si tumeurs que tusois loin de moi

If you were to die and leave me behind,


All these are not important, as long as you love me

Car moi je mourraiaussi

Because I will be following you there

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Interstellar – Searching across the universe for the existence of humankind

“Man was born on Earth. But, they were never meant to die there”. -Interstellar

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Lucy- To unravel the secret to Brain and Psychokinetic abilities

French director, Luc Besson was at Taiwan last year to shoot  the movie “Lucy” that has caused a lot of discussion. This movie is expected to receive high rating in Taiwan, with  wait until the movie formally released expectedly it received high box office in Taiwan, as this is filmed in Taiwan and with the leading actress, Scarlett Johanson which become a big selling point.

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“The Little Prince” A picture within a picture. The problem is not about growing up.

What is essential is invisible to the eye. The Little Prince is a popular novel that is sold around the world, and it is now adapted into a movie. This time, it will not only portray the story of the little prince. Instead, the movie begins with the story of how a girl, whose life has been carefully planned out by her mother, meets with an old man wearing a pilot suit. Using a story to tell a story, the movie tells two stories concurrently – the life of the little prince and the pilot, a old man and the girl.

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Experience never gets old – The Intern

When a 70 year old mature man [Ben Whittaker] (starred by Robert De Niro) went through a period of retirement, he felt an empty void in his heart and decided to look for the “Oasis” that would quench the thirst of his spiritual needs. As a result, he decided to re-enter the workforce as an intern. He found himself working in an online-fashion company of 200 employees set up by a young CEO [Jules Ostin] (starred by Anne Hathaway).

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An important “Role” that couldn’t be replaced

Those who had played games or are fans of anime, they must have heard the term “Cos-playing” before. The term “Cosplay” by definition means acting as a pre-existing or fictional character in the form of RPG (Role-Playing-Games) or in Animes. People usually cosplay because they are attracted to the appearance, personality of the characters and hence want to be like them.

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Avengers 2- Iron Man and his unfilial son Ultron

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Marvel: The Iron Man who revived to the Superhero Kingdom

Having filed for bankruptcy in 1996, Marvel’s first independent production <Iron Man> in 2008 came after more than 10 years of turmoil and battles. This production propelled Marvel into another golden era.

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While in your 70s – Run even harder! This is the “Last Marathon”~

70 year-old Paul and wife Margaret shifted over to the Old Folk’s Home. As a 1956 Melbourne Olympics Marathon legend who took the gold medal, the plain and peaceful life at the Old Folk’s Home was unable to satisfy him. So he slipped on his running shoes once again, started with a slow run, but finally even proclaimed to the Old Folk’s Home that he will take the championship at this year’s Berlin Marathon Competition!

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